Bra Guide

Fine the right size and model:

To find the bra that suits you think about the circumference, the cup and the shoulder straps.

The circumference and the hive:

Start by measuring the circumference around both back and chest. Feel free to wear a thin bra with straps that gives a good lift. Then measure the hive in the fullest place. You then will measure the circumference around the back where the lower band on the bra is located, just below the bust.

The letter, or cup size, is essentially a ratio — the difference between your under bust and bust at its fullest point.

One inch is an A cup, two a B, three a C, and four a D. Starting with DD, which is a 5-inch difference, each letter doubles before increasing again (e.g., E, EE, F, FF, etc.).

Shoulder straps and fit:

When you get your bra home and try if for the first time, we ask that you adjust the shoulder straps. This can be crucial for your chosen bra size to suit you. The circumference should be stable, and the chest should fit in the cup. The cup should not push in the chest of be loose.

Center gore: Make sure the panel connecting the two cups, also called the center gore, is flush to the chest. It should lie flat against your breastbone, with no gaps or spaces.

Band: The band should be parallel to the ground — not riding up in back or seesawing when you bend over.

Cups: The underwire (if applicable) should completely surround your breasts. Tissue escaping the cup is an indication the fit is off. Wires or not, your breasts should feel fully contained within your bra.

Tip: Checking the band, underwire, and breast containment will help you better identify if your bra is fitting well, regardless of variations in sizing.

Get help finding the right bra:

We are happy to help so you find the right bra, with product information and through our customer service. If you get your bra home and the size does not suit you, you can return the item and change to another size. The right size bra should be a comfortable fit, gives a nice shape and good support at all times.